Our 3 expertise fields
Strategic advice
We assist you to define a brand platform that will be the foundation of a new brand positioning based on each brand's heritage, history, values, strengths, positioning, targets, ambition, mission ...
Brand Identity
We assist you to strengthen your brand in order to develop its positioning and to expand its awareness: development of creative direction and brand content, social media management, exhibitions and events presence, relationship with artists.
Licensing, co-branding, partnership and retail
For brands with strong aspirational attributes, we provide strategy with a customized recommendation based on either licensing, co-branding and partnership developments including retail bespoked recommendation for licensed products.
Our brands
Arboresens serves as the exclusive licensing company for the following brands:
  • Jacadi
  • Okaidi
  • The French Patrol
  • Côte d'Azur France
  • Ville de Paris
  • Vélib
  • Ptit Velib
  • Raconte-moi Paris
  • Le Belem
  • Benjamin Isidore Juveneton
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