Presentation of the artist Benjamin Isidore Juveneton
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Trained in architecture and contemporary art in France and Belgium, Benjamin Isidore Juveneton is a designer, visual artist and urban poet, author of the blog Adieu et à Demain.

Beyond his own artistic production, he collaborates with different institutions:
Colette, Paris City of Fashion and Design, the City of Paris, the Confluences Gallery, the Louvre Museum and Georges Pompidou Center.

He is also involved in collaborations with brands such as Nike, Montagut or RAD.

Intervention fields
The talent of Benjamin Isidore Juveneton expresses himself through the design of space, the creation of products, the design of furniture. He handles words as well as spaces and items.
The strength of Benjamin Isidore Juveneton is to reach many publics: from early adopters to a wider public, from adolescents to older, and more educated CSP +.
Benjamin Isidore Juveneton does his best to integrate into your projects a unique artistic dimension, addressed to the greatest number, and conveying an image of modernity or even avant-garde accessible.
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20000 "French do it Water" bottles sold per year
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The urban poet
Benjamin Isidore Juveneton is an urban poet, known for playing with words and spaces with great dexterity. He shares his creations on the streets, on his blog, on his instagram account or through collaborations. The phrases created by the artist highlight places or items by giving them a poetic and / or humorous dimension with sensitivity.

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The contemporary designer and visual artist
Benjamin Isidore Juveneton also collaborates with fashion brands or design publishers.

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